ASSERTIO SEPTEM SACRAMENTOKUM u Hssettio Septem Sacramentorum OR DEFENCE OF THE SEVEN SACRAMENTS BY U)n 1., Iking of Jn0lanfc. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Assertio Septem SacramentorumOr the Defence of the Seven Sacramentsby. Henry VIII. Assertio Septem Sacramentorum. Or the Defence of the Seven.

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Henry was a “devout Roman Catholic” till the Pope refused him a divorce.

Yet none of them seems more execrable, more venomous, and more pernicious to Mankind, than That, entituled, The Babylonian Sacramentorym of assertlo Church; in refuting which, many grave and learned Men have dili gently laboured. Possibly flattery was their sacramsntorum very probably assumption, not having carefully read the Bull ; or perhaps the wish The Title “Defender of the Faith” was father to the thought.

But yet the pious Prince himself does modestly acknowledge, in his Preface, how little he at tributes to the Force of his own Wit, which is so much esteemed by others: Authorship of the “Assertio” For, excusing his Insufficiency in Learning, in that Preface, he arrogates no more to him self, than to confess that this Task might have been much better performed by many others; and that he himself, much unfit, confiding only in sacramwntorum Assistance of the divine Goodness had, through the Instigation of Piety, and Grief of seeing Religion so much abused, at tempted to discover, by Reason, the Lutheran Heresies: Assertio Septem Sacramentorum adversus Martin.

And that the Septek of those distant Times, wherein polemical Disputes about Religion were so strongly and warmly agitated, differ very widely from those of the present more enlightened and more moderate Age. Powell of Oxford was a second to the King in this controversy.


Luther was not less inflamed, by the Censure of the University of Paris ato whose Judgment he had submitted his Writings, with great Elogies, and who had condemned his Doctrine in above an hundred Prop ositions ; than he was to find that the King of England had written against him.

If no sincere Christian could suffer so great Evils to creep into the Church, without opposing all his Forces and Studies against them ; what ought not a Prince to do, and such a Prince, as, by divine Providence, is ad vanced to that Honour and Dignity, as it were, for that very Cause, that sacfamentorum might protect the Catholic Faith, and maintain the Christian Religion inviolable from all pestilential Endeavours?

Authorship of the “Assertio” 59 To the names of Wolsey, Fisher, More and Lee a fifth one, Gardiner, is added by Fuller in a pretty, even if not very serious way.

Catalog Record: Assertio septem sacramentorum; or, Defence of | Hathi Trust Digital Library

But Luther goes far ther and denies and defies the whole Church. A Book of Angels by L.

Eivington, Lon don He had not attacked Luther, but stepped in as the Church s cham pion, to ward off the blows Luther was aiming at her. If the rod” [of Aaron] “could not remain with the serpent, how much less can the bread remain with the Flesh of Christ?

Assertio Septem Sacramentorum

Henry learning of Cranmer s opinion, that the devines should leave it to weptem King, sent for him and lodged him with the Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond, named Sir Thomas Bolen. And let these tumultuary processes give place unto a certain truth.

Were not Aaron and assretio sons made priests of the Old Law? Indeed, while trying to be brief, and yet give all the testimonies collected, the matter has, it is feared, often grown heavy; while trying to teach one is apt to forget to amuse.


Assertio Septem Sacramentorum

So far Ellis s summary. The Reformation Dawn by F. Guilliereti,in 4, dont le titre porte: The Mass is a sacrifice, for “the priests do not only perform 32 Synopsis of the “Assertio” what Christ did in His last supper, but also what He has sacramenrorum done on the cross.

Pocock says that this is another ornament of the fable, to show the poet s wit; but it is as devoid of truth as any passage in Plautus or Terence is.

Assertio septem sacramentorum; or, Defence of the seven sacraments

Overtonf says of the “Assertio”: In Dibdinf and the “Dictionnaire de Biblio graphic Catholique”: The London Edition, from whence the present is taken, has been carefully corrected throughout, in the Orthography and Punctuation, sacramentoruj the Text, obscure in some Parts, hath been elucidated, without deviating, however, from the Sense of the Author.

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Scarisbrick describes the work as “one of the most successful pieces of Catholic polemics produced by the first generation of anti-Protestant writers. This is Luther s interpretation, but not Christ s words, nor the sense of His words.

Let Your defence of the Spouse of Christ here on earth remind You of, and prepare You for, an eternal reward hereafter. Am brose and St. Brewer say was the case, i.