Aspho Fields has ratings and reviews. Dirk said: I was drawn to this by two things: firstly, the author is Karen Traviss, and secondly, I’ve r. For the first time, fans of the blockbuster Gears of War video games get an in- depth look at Delta Squad’s toughest fighters—soldier’s. The Battle of Aspho Fields was a conflict in the year 2 Before E-Day between the COG and the UIR, and was part of the Pendulum Wars.

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Marcus at this point commandeers the Asp and uses it to knock out the remaining UIR anti-air and covers the withdrawing commando team from Khimera attack helicopters. One person found this helpful. Physically, he is very big and muscular.

Maybe because this is the first book and because it is a game franchise, things are already set in stone which might limit how the story is told? The Quickeningwith the battle drastically different from Gears of War: Great job Karen Traviss!

The two other Gears with them follow him, but all three are shot; the other two Gears are killed immediately, but Carlos survives and pretends not to be wounded so that Marcus would not risk his life rescuing him. Jacinto’s Remnantthe third is titled Gears of War: But while the last human stronghold on Sera braces itself for another onslaught from the Locust Horde, ghosts come back to haunt Marcus and Dom.

The narration was just okay. By the way view spoiler [I was unexpectedly touched by Dom’s brother, Carlos’ death and the aftermath of his death.


While I’m not a “Gears-head”, I did nonethless enjoy this book a great deal. In these goals she performs fantastically.

Gears of War: Aspho Fields | Gears of War | FANDOM powered by Wikia

In order to bring out the page I had to press on where a word would be to highlight the word and that fixes the missing page. It felt comparable to hearing the thoughts of a reserved friend, and experiencing a stronger bond as a result — playing the games from now on will be an entirely new experience.

Any Gears at all? As kids, the three of them were inseparable; as soldiers, they were torn apart. It features two storylines, one in the current timeline years after the Locust first emerged and another from about 15 years ago. Jane Austen this is not, but make no mistake: Marcus is fresh out of prison after serving four years due largely because of the continuing threat of the Locust.

It encompasses such a strong variety of themes, there is something for everyone; to coin it purely as an action would do it no justice. It’s very well written with a great feel for the characters. The jumping around within the series was a little distracting but nothing that should deter anyone from reading them.

Also by Karen Traviss. The book offers two major plotlines in a parallel fashion – the story of Aspho Fields and the aftermath of the Lightmass Bomb at the end of Gears of War 1. Damon Baird says “and you call yourself a gearhead”. At first I thought the Gears of War series would not transfer well into literature.

Aspho Fields

View all 3 comments. Travis does a truly remarkable job in depicting the characters, and the Gear mindset; she certainly has the voice for this kind of thing. The storytelling could have been better. The commandos gathered all of the data on the Hammer of Dawn, learning that a back-up was at a nearby army base. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.


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Marcus and Carlos took a few men to ambush the Asp, but the ambush fails. Anvil Gatethe fourth is titled Gears of War: The author advances the plot at the same brisk pace as the game, revealing the tragedy and mystery surrounding the elusive events at Aspho Fields, and the shattering effect it has on the characters.

But once I got into the pattern of this book and began to understand some of the world background it all fell into place. We can get asphp before anyone gets a Raven airborne. Jan 13, TK Keanini rated it it was amazing Shelves: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

However, I did find the book difficult to read despite being a fan of the franchise.

However, if you are unfamiliar with the Gears storyline already, if you haven’t played any of the games and don’t know a bit about each character what they look like, sound asphho, act like, their backstory you will be completely lost on a lot of things.

Gears of War 1.

Marcus commandeers the enemy vehicle, allowing for the evacuation to continue.