Diffuse, %, Diffuse map. Bump, 5%, Bump map. Specularity, %, Specularity map. Glossiness, %, << Specularity map. Reflectivity, %. tiles Stone tiles. Demo · Demo Scene. m x m @ 19dpi. Channels. Diffuse, %, Diffuse map. Bump, 10%, Bump map. Specularity, %, Specularity. tiles Floor tiles, white. Demo · Demo Scene. 5,00 €. 5,95 € incl. 19% VAT. Add to cart. m x m @ 38dpi. Channels. Diffuse, %, Diffuse map.

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Timestamp in solar animation movies yomcat posted a question in Troubleshooting. Making the window small fixes it. Yes, all folders have content. I’ve reinstalled VW and the same behaviour occurs. Sign In Sign Up. First install was the NZ version ofwhich came with SP1. Yup, it’s a 5K iMac.

Arroway Textures

I’ve attached system profiles for two of them the rest are similar machines. I don’t actually have those files. I’ve got a brand new 27″ iMac, and now it worked perfectly on my old computer, with exactly the same software whenever I run solar animations, it renders two texyures and then gives up without an error.


I just looked at the extensions, not the file names. I tedtures switch back to the old computer as it has been appropriated. I’ve attached an example movie showing this.

Daily – Freez: ARROWAY TEXTURES All In One Bundle(Tiles Vol.1)

Encoder didn’t emit all frames during Invalidate. Cambridge Pavers Excalibur Collection. Solar Animation stopping arrosay 2 frames yomcat replied to yomcat’s question in Troubleshooting. Base Ceiling Floor Walls.

Connected yextures Dropbox on ‘com. Permissions are I was seeing if this would help, the answer is no: I’ve tried everything that I can think of. Connecting to Dropbox on ‘com. Catalogs Saved Content Symbols. Watch set is now: Everything posted by yomcat Scale objects by area yomcat posted a question in Wishlist – Feature and Content Requests.

Garcon destroyed 0 alive.

Solar Animation stopping after 2 frames yomcat posted a question in Troubleshooting. I’m using the heliodon tool to create solar animations with the timestamp displayed.

I have both those files in the Libraries folder. This is happening on every computer in the office.

Console prints out a bunch of stuff that seems relevant when I try to run one: This might be relevant. Objects – Entertainment Controls. Currently, to scale an object so its area is a specified size, I need to manually compute a scale factor with a calculator and then use that.


Garcon is ready 1 alive. Landmark Schedules Spotlight Schedules.

Does anyone have any ideas? Perf capability check arrowxy I posted this on the old forum, but it seems to have disappeared. I set the location to “Wellington, NZ”, and when the date is set to March 20, the times displayed show things such as For example, here’s the listing of the Defaults folder: No to the first, yes to the second.

I think it would be nice if the “Scale Objects I set them to go from sunrise to sunset, with frames every 15 minutes. It appeared to run, didn’t throw an error or any other outputbut no change — there’s still no default content and the three dialogs in the opening post still pop up upon reopening VectorWorks. This happens even on a brand new file, with only a helidon object in it.

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