DD Basu has great chapters regarding Introduction, how the constitution came into being, FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS(The most important chapter) and then. Buy online INTRODUCTION TO THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D BASU. Buy online WORKBOOK ON CONSTITUTION OF INDIA by D D Basu. Introduction to the Constitution of India This book is the first of its kind, which presents the great work of Dr. DD Basu in the form of a workbook, supplementing his.

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Indias Constitution —Origins and Evolution; Volume 9. Sep 06, Gaurav rated it really liked it.

Constitutionalism and Constitutional Pluralism. Introduction to the Constitution of India 21st Edition. The pros and cons of different articles and the significance behind them.


Introduction to the Constitution of India Telugu Translation. This book is inttoduction book to understand Indian constitution comparing with constitution of other countries. Apr 07, Swaroop rated it really liked it Shelves: Certified BuyerPune.

The Indian Constitution is the largest written constitution in constiuttion world which is also very complex with so many dimensions. Aug 21, Akhil Bansal rated it liked it. Certified BuyerChennai. It deals with everything and nothing substantial is left out. Then on top of that it gives you an thorough understanding about Polity, which no other book will be able to do.

Basu has done a remarkable job of presenting the Constitution of India in a lucid manner, without compromising on the nuances of various legal interpretations. Dec 11, Satyam Saxena rated it really liked it.

Introduction To The Constitution Of India

May 07, Nishant Raj rated it it was amazing. May 17, Ajay Bansal rated it really liked it. Which is the latest edition of this book? Constitutuon, it is a must read book for everyone who wants to know about the constitution of India, its working and most importantly about India. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

  HB 2.2-2003 PDF

This book is essential for those constithtion their higher education in intorduction science and law. This book is an innovative initiative which aims at adding comprehensive element and creative concepts, making this workbook extensive in its coverage. First of all the book has such an awesome cover that you yourself feel like reading it.

The book comprises of chapters on the historical background of the constitution, the making of the constitution, and philosophy of the constitution.

Basu does a brilliant job in explaining the dreams and aspirations of the founding fathers, various discussions that lead to the core values, how other constitution inspired us idnian how it was adapted to match with our social, political and economic scenarios. This book is the first of its kind, which presents the great work of Dr. About LexisNexis LexisNexis is a leading global provider of books contitution professionals in the legal, corporate, law enforcement, and academic market s.

Jul 14, Chanti rated it really liked it.

Introduction To The Constitution Of India by Durga Das Basu

It is in such a scenario where a book like this one plays a crucial role in translating these complex subjects presented in the constitution to a medium that could enable even a layman to understand and study the Review originally posted in Abby’s Shelves Introduction to the Constitution of India is probably the most authoritative text one could come across on this subject.

This book is the epitome of the sovereignty of India. What’s more astonishing about the book is that unlike many other academic books which just get the things done through mere facts this book has done a fair job in interpreting various judgements and correlating them to the aforementioned provisions in the book. It’s such a phenomenal work you’ll literally feel your mental horizons expand while you’re at it. While the criticisms of the constitution are well addressed, it seems like a nationalist perspective and we hardly come across a critique that has not been debunked.

Basu has written thi Cross-posted from here Introduction to the Constitution of India is a fantastic book on the subject of Indian Constitution and presents a wonderful commentary on the same. A magisterial piece of work. It also introduces you to the basic structure of parliamentary democracy, federalism, judicial system, union and state legislatures and public service commissions. The Philosophy of the Constitution Dr K S Chauhan Parliament: It tells you about the differences and the similarities that the Indian Constitution shares with that of the American, British, Australian, Canadian, Turkish and Irish Constitutions.


Certified BuyerBettiah. Judicial Review of Legislative Acts. He also provides us insight into how the Constitution has evolved over time through various amendments introduced by the ruling governments. This is a good text to understand the most important document but it would be better if could specify a few things more and could elaborate on the parts that need a little more explanation.

Restatement of Indian Law: PaperbackTwentieth Reprintpages. The status of Jammu and Kashmir and the provisions of its State Constitution have been fully dealt with. I’d recommend the readers to supplement it with some bare act everybody uses PM Bakshi – which is good and refer it whenever in doubt.

Jan 24, Kshitij rated it it was amazing Shelves: Also indispensable for politicians, journali A book for everybody in India and abroad who wants to know anything about the Constitution of India during its first fifty years. Lists with This Book. It presents the Indian Constitution in a pleasant way and defines it philosophy in such a manner that you feel proud of it being an Indian.

Trivia About Introduction To T Outstanding Features of our Constitution Basu’s book is by far the best work on constitution I’ve come across. A book for everybody in India and abroad who wants to know anything about the Constitution of India during its first fifty years. Commentary on the Constitution of India; Vol