Highland Backpacking Trail is an overnight backpacking trail with loops of 19 and 35 km in length. Trail Map. Backpacking Trails of Algonquin Provincial Park. Algonquin Park features three specific multi day backpacking trails, the the official canoe routes map/brochure by Friends of Algonquin Park. Jeff’s Algonquin Provincial Park Map – accurate, beautiful, and a free download. Where to find all of the secret unofficial routes, trails and portages that’ll help.

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Highland Backpacking Trail is a Bat Lake is a 5. The Uplands offers 3 loops that measure in at 33km, 56km and 88km respectively.

The hike on Day 3 was the shortest so we stopped to enjoy the radiant forest, sparkling streams and the little inhabitants of the magical woods. To avoid this, plan for a 2 night, 3 day trip.

Highland Backpacking Trail

We made frequent stops to rest, get some snacks and enjoy the beautiful lakes and tranquil forest. There are many such spots along the Western Uplands backpacking trail, which even shares an access point with canoeists at Rain Lake.

My personal favorite of the three backpacking trails in Algonquin. TripAdvisor LLC is not responsible for content on external web sites. The last site of the four was the best. This unique structure offers a series of swimming pools and a natural rock slide.

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Highland Backpacking Trail | Algonquin Provincial Park | The Friends of Algonquin Park

Looking forward to reading it! I slipped the backpack off my shoulders, took off my boots and stuck my aching feet bacjpacking the cooling waters of Oxtongue River.


Take advantage of the lookouts, even if this means a small side detour. Most hikers will want to take 3 nights, 4 days to complete this loop. After about 25 minutes, we arrived at the last two sites on Maggie East. Someone had left a kettle near the campfire, and the rope was already hung up between the trees for our wet clothes. We woke up to the drip of trailss from the trees. The guide discusses contributions of selected people to the Park over its first century.

Every product purchased comes with our AO Warranty Plus backing it for the first 60 bcakpacking Hardwood Lookout Trail is located at km But the feeling of joy and satisfaction at the end of the trail is worth all the sweat and pain.

By the time we hit the trail, it was almost 1. Hemlock Bluff Trail is a 3. As I was walking back feeling the extra weight of our wet clothes on my shoulders, I was torn between the desire to finish the trail and not wanting it to end at the same time.

Fun for the whole family. Happy Trails this year! This is a great trail but be forewarned that as of this date, the map on AllTrails is incorrect. By the time we arrived at the campsite, the rain was tapering off and we had good two hours to set up camp and make dinner before it started again. Permits are psrk up at the Mew Lake Campground. Thank you for stopping by!


On the easy-to-walk 1. Thank you for letting me know and thank you for visiting my blog.

Highland Backpacking Trail – Ontario, Canada | AllTrails

Not that they got any drier by the time we left but definitely acquired a nice smoky smell. If you are travelling during peak seasons it is recommend that you book in advance. Notify me of new comments via email. The only potential problem is we were going to fly in, so no transportation to rent a canoe. We will have everything to be self sufficient.

Wonderful trip report — I really liked how you summed up the overall backcountry experience in your first two paragraphs! Brent Crater Trail is a 2.

Top questions about Algonquin Provincial Park. For more details about The Highlands, see Mark Highfield article from a recent trip.

Hiking the Western Uplands Backpacking Trail in Algonquin Provincial Park

Track and Tower Trail is a 7. Trekking through the woods with a heavy backpack is a major trial of physical fitness and stamina. There is a great sense of satisfaction. More Algonquin Provincial Park Topics.

I agree that backpacking in Killarney would probably be more rewarding than in Algonquin.