Spies of No Country: Secret Lives at the Birth of Israel. Four young outsiders go undercover at the founding of Israel in this gripping, intimate, and. It is beyond doubt that Matti Friedman, a Canadian-Israeli journalist, deserves it. The Aleppo Codex, also known as the “Crown,” was Judaism’s most. The Aleppo Codex, by Matti Friedman. In an age when physical books matter less and less, here is a thrilling story about a book that meant.

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How did it get there? More than that, it’s won awards, according to the book’s Wikipedia page. But the heart of this book is the whodunit.

Thou shalt not commit adultery. First time I realized that Jews can persecute other Jews. Parts of it were rescued from the riot-torn Jewish quarter, however, and were later sent on by courier to the new land of Israel.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this most interesting ancient and important book! It is also a tragedy, one in which a literary work of art designed to teach humans how to behave falls victim to the very impulses it was written to prevent.

Might be a good book for enthusiasts of the crown, not sure if it would appeal to other audiences. Although I’ve been more of a non-fiction fan lately, this is where fiction has the upper hand; an author who’s sticking to the truth can’t really make a story more gripping than it is. But I will allow myself one spoiler: An auditorium inside was full of spectators and delegates.


‘The Aleppo Codex’ by Matti Friedman

As few as 5 or as many as out of pages are missing from the Crown of Aleppo. The Globe’s top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond. Mattu by Simon Vance.

Most Popular in arts Right Arrow. That was significantly more news staff than the AP had in China, Russia, or India, or in all of the 50 countries of sub-Saharan Africa combined. What is all codrx silence protecting? What friddman was unable to fully survive was the greed of an academici I had not been familiar with this Codex, but apparently it ranks right up there with the Dead Sea scrolls. But as he began looking into the history of the Codex in more depth, he discovered a story much more convoluted and sinister.

Journalist Friedman peels away much myth and misinformation to tell the eventful and in many ways tragic true story of the People of the Book’s most cherished physical book–the more than year old Aleppo Codex.

I wanted to jump Loved this book, I recommend it highly, if you want to know more about the Aleppo Codex, the Jewish Aleppo community.

Parts of matfi manuscript are discovered worldwide–black market sales that send portions of the Codex throughout Israel and the United States, South America and beyond. If you have a penchant for Jewish history, this is definitely a must read.

The Aleppo Codex, by Matti Friedman | The Times of Israel

The sexton crossed a narrow alleyway and climbed the three flights of stairs to his home, where the windows looked down into the deserted courtyard of the building he had just left. Why it is significant to the Jewish community. Friedman is a journalist and it shows. The good news is that this priceless ancient book actually survived the coodex and this books tells us how.


Why was everyone after this book.

Lots of people, peopleplaces, and events kept in a an understandable and very readable text. But they also began a very different chain of events known to few: As Syrian synagogues were torched by Thoroughly enjoyable who-done-it about a thousand year old Jewish bible – a codex – written like a book and not on scrolls that was kept and treasured in Aleppo Syria since the 15th century — and would probably still be there today if the once-thriving Jewish people of Aleppo hadn’t had to flee for their lives when the state of Israel was created in What a fascinating history- I am surprised it is not more well-known.

The Syrian Jews, along with hundreds of thousands mtti the Jews in other Arab countries fled for their lives, taking only what they could wear or smuggle out with them.

Sep 28, E.