We visit Carlo Aymonino and Aldo Rossi’s experimental housing project in the Gallaratese district of Milan, completed in Stretching out over feet, the front façade of Aldo Rossi’s Gallaratese housing block stands as a challenge to all the apartment buildings around it: do it, do it. Located in the city of Milan, the Gallaratese II housing complex has the capacity to house inhabitants. Aldo Rossi designed the complex at the ‘Gallaratese.

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His single rectangular building is a strict, white plastered, autonomous block stretching m and raised gallaratesr above a ground floor colonnade. Your personal details will not be shared with those companies – we send the emails and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Consequently inthe City of Milan and Monte Amiata entered into a business deal for the construction of the housing project, an early example of public and private housing enterprise that has now become the norm.

Aldo Rossi Gallaratese

At Gallaratese, the architects designed covered and uncovered yellow walkways to connect the apartments to each other and the city outside, as well as public space — a central amphitheatre and two triangular shaped plazas to socially serve the community.

Red window frames, glass blocks and balconies create a sense of rhythm unfolding across the facades of the housing complex.

alod Aldo Rossi May 3, — September 4, was an Italian architect and theoretician, well known for his very austere architecture and design. You also think of aqueducts and amphitheatres, how their horizontality and scale gives definition to a topography, and what it might be like to live on a bridge with its open views. Often now we are working with existing buildings, fragments or historic interiors requiring change, in which we gallaraatese looking for some continuity in the design that can ease the distinction between the old and the new.

Everything was painted an ivory colour.

The public realm acts like a room in itself with degrees of transparency that define gallratese or closed spaces. You are commenting using your WordPress.

As Italo-disco was mixing homegrown electronic beats alongside sampled sounds from across the Atlantic, Aymonino and Rossi similarly looked first to traditional Italian architecture, and then abroad to Bauhaus to construct their style. Gallaratese Housing Block, located in Milan, Italy, is one of his most notable projects, a full expression of his theories on architecture and the city.


Completed in the mids, it was a time when both Italian architects would soar to prominence on the international architecture scene. Galalratese house gallarayese therefore composed of rooms, machines and dreams.

Harry Lambert At Gallaratese, Aymonino designed complex typologies of apartments, stacked up upon each other at various recessions, alternating glass blocks with balconies and red window frames.

‘Inspiration; Aldo Rossi’s Gallaratese Housing’ by Peter St John « Caruso St John Architects

The whole building is relentlessly basic and singular in its concept. He argued that these forms must be respected and implemented in order to keep the historical city in harmony. When architect Carlo Aymonino started working on the designs for an affordable housing complex commissioned by the City of Milan inhe wanted to reflect his neo-rationalist ideas and theories for a future urban community.

The two blocks are organized in a simple, repetitive pattern and connected at two distinct levels via a public staircase framed by two sets of oversized cylindrical columns. The origins of house. There is often an interest in the monumental scale, but also in the background of the city and its ordinary buildings, which Rossi writes about, and which were an anathema to modernist architects, who wanted everything to be new and different.

But it still has this melancholic, monumental quality that made such an impression on me thirty years ago. Coming back to visit the Gallaratese again last month, the place feels more charming than before. I was at the end of my degree at the Bartlett in and about to enter the AA for my Diploma. You are commenting using your Twitter account. His forms were always very basic, coming from recognisable roots or typologies, but overlaid with the imagination of the architect.

You find themes and ideals then, and if you are persistent and fortunate you will realise them later in life. But there is generosity and a public scale to the whole piece which brings a grandness to the everyday, a sort of palace occupied by the people.

At the time of commission, the hectare site at Gallatarese was owned by the Monte Amiata Mining Company. The building is way out of the centre of the city in a modern suburb that, at that time at least, was a working class area. You are commenting using your Facebook account. There was an echo of steps. I had been given a travel scholarship to visit some buildings by Terragni, which had been written about at that time by Peter Eisenman, with a formal analysis that now seems fetishistic.


Therefore, the problematic of house, place and space within the city is being dealt with at three main levels. At that time, the idea of looking at the history of architecture for models was new, and also completely different from the open-ended empiricism of my fallaratese education.

Aldo Rossi Gallaratese — Inessa

The years of effort and the journey to realise a building consistently in all it details is easily as difficult as the few months it takes to make the initial design. First, squatters controversially occupied it. Shapes and sizes are being assigned, to define the role or activity for each room: The building is about m long and is raised up on tall legs. Originally purchased for the use of commercial agriculture, it was pinpointed as a key site for development by architects and planners devising a post-war masterplan for new housing in Milan.

Rossi had the idea that buildings should show the passage of time and these columns remind me of the famous picture of him standing between the columns of the Parthenon on the Acropolis.

It is not read as housing block anymore but as a series of individual rooms, with separate machines and dreams.

His architecture was built to endure generations and be reused and repurposed according to the needs of future societies, an idea that lead to the clean, rational design, to the simple architecture of colonnades, balconies and oversized circular columns, symbols open to interpretation. It is a non-descriptive building type, designed to later change its function.

I can remember gallaratfse a few people shuffled across this monumental empty space while I was looking, appearing and disappearing; a woman with some shopping, a few children.

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