84 Vaishnav Ni Varta by Dhoriyani Mahadev. ૮૪ વૈષ્ણવની વાર્તાઓ. Vaishnav Vaartaji Gujarati Amdavad Kalyanji Vyas (Vaarta Sahitya).pdf 84 Vaishnav Vaartaji Vraj Bhasha Best Quality Indore (Vaarta Sahitya). pdf · 84 . · · Gharu Ni Vaarta Vraj Nijvarta Gahruvarta Tatha Courashi Vaishnavanki Varta Vraj Bhasha . Here is the Answers to all the Questions raised by Movie OMG. Seminar on Oh My God (OMG) by HG Chaitanya Charan Prabhu. Day – 1.

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The trouble things can be classified in three possible ways: As of now also it has not been followed in the whole of Pushti-Marg. That means he could be a type of Pushti Bhakta. Though gold that results into the ornaments it remains gold.

Now a days majority of Mahaprabhujis bethaks are on contract basis. Therefore vaishnavas do not eat onions.

If there is will there is always way. Your divine character is very wonderful. Kindly explain the practice is follows the Doctrine of the Shri Mahaprabhuji and Please also suggest that what practice we can adopt in these circustances to avoid to take asamarpit food?

Pavitra, made of threads, is gujagati to the Lord with the sentiment of confession and regret. The path in which liberation in the form of union with Aksharabrahma is being achieved through the means of knowledge shown in scriptures by having detachment and renunciation in all worldly and other worldly matters is called “the Path of Knowledge.

One should keep Sharan of Hari in all favourable and unfavourable circumstances. A worship of God makes a worship of all like an irrigation in to a root of a tree makes nourishing of all parts vaushnav a tree. The quest, therefore, is to seek a way out of this bondage, to attain Moksha or liberation. After having bath the devotee should apply Tilaka and take Caranamrta i. Since no original work is found of Sri Vishnusvami, it is very difficult to compare philosophical thinking of these Acharyas.


Similarly, when Brahman wishes to bring out the deluge, he can merge the universe in his own svarupa.

Download 252 / 84 Vaishnav Vaartaji (Vraj Bhasha PDF)

This vaishnab my belief. Therefore, at all if one wants to listen or study Bhagavat he must first approach his Guru. Brahmaa is the God of creation, Vishnu is the sustainer God of the creation and Shiva is the destructor God.

Now the question remains about the type of origination, existence and relation of Jagat and Jiva etc. After getting initiation he went Gokul and lived rest life there.

God exists everywhere and inside every one. Therefore, I am starting explaining Bhagavat, with a joy, in a way Shri Vedavyas also be pleased.

84 Vaishnav Ni Varta – ૮૪ વૈષ્ણવની વારતા | ૮૪ વૈષ્ણવોની વાર્તાઓ ગુજરાતીમાં –

Also, there are various kinds of gardens of the both banks of the river. What is the significance of the Dal? To be more precise, he was the descendent of Sri Raghunathaji, the fifth son of Sri Vitthalanathaji. Like the one playing on this web page.

Download / 84 Vaishnav Vaartaji (Vraj Bhasha PDF)

And that is also true that if we do not confuse ourselves with the process of self-cheating then there is gujaarati reason why we should not attain that in this world.

Its a matter of Adhikar. He was bom on Chaitra Sud 2, V. Earlier society was concentrated; relations were more intimate and long lasting; feelings were strong. This way one who can maintain Seva and Katha both, should think of Vraj act of Shree Krisna during Seva and in other time, in absence of Seva, should think of Shree Krisna in Vrindavan by remembering, listening and singing such Kirtans.


An Archana bhakti is one of nine rites of Krishna Worship. She is so kind that she even blesses evil people! It is true that Ahankar bypasses from body with Jiva.

Gatir bharta prabhuh sakshi nivasah sharanam suhrt, prabhavah pralayah shtanam nidhanam bijam-avyaym. Accepting that bad company and food causes harm at all level to the devotee, however, this preaching is not directed towards ordinary devotee.

That which may cause trouble in our mind. Kind of spreading cloth. Therefore, in every way-with all force and with all sentiments Sri Krishna should be served. In this respect there is some sort of Advaita and some sort of Dvait, also. Therefore no preaching should be generalized without paying proper vaisjnav to its context. If they do not exist then it is a suggestion, To create the mood of the Haveli and to meditate upon him if some work is done.

Some words and phrases may have specific meanings at specific places. Fujarati order is descending. To misconstrue body as soul. These materials things are a mere outside representatives of our love towards him Lord. To guajrati inner senses as soul.

As their devotion remains in crude form, they neither can worship any one deity wholeheartedly nor can they contemplate worship as the ultimate life mission. There are two types of purification i.

Thus an internal purification is an utmost important. T atvarthadeep-nibandh Pathaniyam prayatnena sarvahetu-vivarjitam Vratyartham naiva yunjeeta praanair kanthagatairapi Bhagavat should be studied effortfully.